Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Katy Perry Limited Edition OPI Nail Polish

Having debated whether to get these Limited Edition Polishes I just decided to go for it and buy them and I am really pleased that I did.

I love every colour and think that they can be mixed and matched.

"The One That Got Away"

This is a pinky red with a hint of shimmer and I am not usually a fan of red nail polish but I really like this, I feel it is a modern and young red.

"Teenage Dream"

This has to be my favourite as its pink and glittery. Its a soft pink with holographic glitter and I absolutely adore it, I think this would be great for spring/ summer especially on the toes.

"The One That Got Away" with "Teenage Dream" over the top

This gives a great crystallised appearance!

"Not Like The Movies"

This is beautiful it has an effect of oil on water and shines different colours and I think is a great alternative to Chanel.

"Last Friday Night"

This is a blue glitter and to be honest was the one I thought I would never use but having tried it I love it. It really reminds me of ice and winter colours but I think it would look fab as a top coat.

I was unsure having seen how small the bottles were in the "mini collection" and thought I had wasted my money but once I tried them I realised they were going to last awhile because OPI is such good quality you can manage with just one coat.

Would recommend these to anyone as they are young, modern and fun.